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About Me

A lifelong hobby and passion has turned into a Professional career path.

Ever since I was a little child I loved playing with the family camera. If there was a photo to be taken I would take it. Countless rolls of film led to my first digital camera and an unlimited number of photos and opportunities. It was my father however who noticed that this was more than just a hobby and a passion, and bought me my first digital SLR. I have never looked back…

My love for photography grew with each click, with every adjustment and with every smile the end result put on peoples faces. I have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of Australia’s leading photographers, using their invaluable knowledge and expertise to further develop my skills and techniques. I have had the pleasure in capturing the magical moments at numerous weddings, experiencing the raw power at various motorsport events, showcasing works for leading industrial designers and exploring the wide world of photojournalism.

Today, I am focusing on taking my photography to the next level by actively developing new techniques and pushing my imaginative boundaries. In time I hope my photos capture more than just a thousand words. I hope they evoke more than just a story and an emotion…

I hope they become unforgettable.